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Your Indispensable Guide to Saskatchewan’s Countryside

Saskatchewan Scenic Drives cover

Soft cover, perfect bound
Robin and Arlene Karpan
ISBN 9780968357965
240 pages
120 b&w photographs, 45 maps
6 x 9

Saskatchewan Scenic Drives takes you off the major highways and into Saskatchewan's scenic heartland. Follow secondary highways, grid roads, and backroads to spectacular river valleys, forested lakelands, wild badlands, secret hideaways, and awesome vistas.

Drive a third of the way across Saskatchewan entirely in the Qu'Appelle Valley. Take a little-known backroad through the Big Muddy Badlands. Discover Saskatchewan's biggest tree in a beautiful river valley, or wander through the Thickwood Hills to the other-worldly "Crooked Trees". Drive right beside massive sand dunes, cliff-top viewpoints, prairie dog towns, or an exotic tropical-like fern forest.

Precise directions and maps make it easy to discover these and many more Saskatchewan scenic wonders.